The Living Urn Creates a Living Memory

Our previous article What on Earth is a Biodegradable Urn? explained the basics of a biodegradable tree urn. The article profiled the Bios Urn which buries a pine tree seed along with the ashes of your departed loved one. The Living Urn is a similar product that is planted with your choice of evergreen tree seedling that arrives by mail.

The memory of your loved one will not fade away with time. A sustainable and lasting memorial tree will grow from wherever you plant your urn. This living memory will stand the test of time. One day you can sit beneath its branches instead of visiting a cold stone marker at a traditional grave site.

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Create a Living Memorial with a Tree Urn

Death is permanent, but your memory may not be. Green burial methods are becoming more and more common each year. One popular natural burial method is to use a tree urn. Instead of erecting a memorial out of stone, a tree urn will grow into a living memory.

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Not only is this burial method sustainable and environmentally friendly, it’s also far less expensive than traditional burial methods.

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What on Earth is Biodegradable Urn?

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The cost of living in the developed world rises each and every year. Nowhere is this more evident than with the cost of a traditional funeral. The average cost to bury a departed loved one with just a small, no-frills funeral is $7,000-10,000. This cost includes funeral home services, in-ground burial at a cemetery, and installing a headstone. One way to avoid much of this cost is to be cremated and buried in a biodegradable urn.

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