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Go Green Burial explores the world of green burial. Also known as natural burial, the practice of green burial does not inhibit decomposition. This allows a body to properly decompose and recycle naturally into the existing ecosystem. Green burial methods greatly reduce the environmental impacts of traditional burial practices. The natural landscape is modified as little as possible. Passersby might not even realize that they’re seeing a graveyard and not a beautiful forest or garden.

The benefits of a green burial can go well beyond simply reducing the environmental impact of internment. A green burial is often less expensive than a traditional burial. By eliminating funeral home services, ornate caskets, and costly headstones, a green burial won’t burden your loved ones with a hefty bill upon your death.

In addition to reduced environmental impacts and cost savings, green burial provides an opportunity to create a lasting memory. Some green burial methods include the planting of a tree along with the remains of your loved one. As the body breaks down, it will help to feed and nurture the seed you’ve planted. Eventually you will be embraced by the cool shade of a tree grown from the burial of a loved one.

Green burial practices are not limited to people either. Family pets are commonly buried using green burial methods. This is often more straightforward because there are less potential legalities involved with burying your deceased pet. Remember your pet when you see the flowers on a rose bush in full bloom, pick fresh berries, or sit beneath the swaying branches of a tree.

Content on Go Green Burial publishes information on green burial products, methods, and much more. Our site will guide you through all there is to learn about natural burial so that you can decide for yourself if a green burial right for you.

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