What on Earth is Biodegradable Urn?

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The cost of living in the developed world rises each and every year. Nowhere is this more evident than with the cost of a traditional funeral. The average cost to bury a departed loved one with just a small, no-frills funeral is $7,000-10,000. This cost includes funeral home services, in-ground burial at a cemetery, and installing a headstone. One way to avoid much of this cost is to be cremated and buried in a biodegradable urn.

What is a biodegradable urn?

Simply put, a biodegradable urn is a container for your ashes that will break down over time when buried in the ground. Also known as an eco urn, these products are made of materials that will help fertilize and nourish a tree or plant. Many biodegradable urns contain the seed of tree.

As the urn breaks down over time, the seed will germinate and a tree or plant will start to grow. These trees are often call memory trees as they provide a living, lasting memory of your loved one. This new memory tree will help friends and family remember your departed loved one over the course of several generations.

While gravestones may also last many lifetimes, they aren’t always sustainably sourced and can been absurdly expensive. Flat grave markers can cost around $1,000. Even a very simple upright headstone will cost $1,500-3,000.

When high end materials are used and incorporate more elaborate design and engraving, the cost can go up from there. These estimates also don’t include transportation and installation of the marker or headstone. In addition to these additional costs, there is also a need to purchase a cemetery plot as well.

What is a biodegradable urn made of?

These special urns are made of 100% biodegradable materials. They’re built with an internal capsule that will support the healthy growth of any tree. When filled with the remains of your loved one and buried, they will support the creation of new life in the form of a tree or plant.

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Imagine being able to sit beneath the gently swaying branches of a tree that grew from the remains of a dearly departed loved one. Visiting a gravesite can be a meaningful mode of remembrance. Having a personal interaction with a living tree or plant can create a much deeper memory experience.

What can I put in a biodegradable urn?

People generally put ashes in an urn after cremation. There are biodegradable coffins, but these can require more logistics and legalities than a simple urn would. Many products come with a tree seed already inside the urn, but you can also add your own seeds. Future generations could even harvest a seed from a loved one’s tree and then continue this unique burial practice for millennia to come.

A biodegradable urn is not limited to human remains. Many people bury the ashes of family pets in a biodegradable urn. You can also get full size pet coffins to bury the entire remains of your pet without cremation. These also include seeds for a tree or plant so your family can remember your lost family member for years to come.

Where can I buy a biodegradable urn?

Paw Pods Biodegradable Pet Casket is a biodegradable urn for pets. This biodegradable urns grow a living memory tree from the remains of your family pet. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. There is even a bio urn for fish.

Paw Pods Biodegradable Pet Casket, Medium Pod

The Living Urn is a bio urn for people. It also includes a tree planting system. The Living Urn sell urns for both people and pets. Burials at sea take place with a burial at sea “pillow”.

The Living Urn for People, 100% Biodegradable.

If you decide against using a biodegradable urn, there are always traditional urns made of brass, marble, and a wide variety of other materials. Remember there like be a higher cost to going this route.

Where do I bury a biodegradable urn?

There are a wide variety of options for a burial ceremony with a biodegradable urn. Plant a biodegradable urn in a forest and note directions to get back to the same place. Bury the biodegradable urn on your own property. Plant the urn alongside other relatives that are buried in a common cemetery.

The options are really unlimited. Burial at sea is another common wish. Drop a Burial at Sea Pillow into the water or disperse the ashes over a large area. Choose to commemorate the passing of your loved one with a ceremony that is in line with their wishes.

Contact local government and ask if your loved one can be buried in a park or at a school. If they were well known in their city or town, it would be nice to let the public pay their respects. Check with all members of the family first. Not everyone will like all of these ideas.

Lasting benefits of a biodegradable urn

Overall, the goal of a biodegradable urn is to reduce your environmental footprint after you’re gone. First of all, burying a traditional coffin puts a lot of materials into the earth that don’t belong there. In addition, it’s highly unlikely anyone will ever need to dig up a traditional grave. Why then does anything that’s buried need to last?

Be proactive. Consider how you want your remains to be buried. Think about what will happen to the ashes even if you are cremated. Remember that your family will otherwise be tasked with keeping your ashes on the mantel forever. Think about ways to reduce the impact of your remains on the earth and on your family. A biodegradable urn is a perfect way to do so.

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