Create a Living Memorial with a Tree Urn

Death is permanent, but your memory may not be. Green burial methods are becoming more and more common each year. One popular natural burial method is to use a tree urn. Instead of erecting a memorial out of stone, a tree urn will grow into a living memory.

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Not only is this burial method sustainable and environmentally friendly, it’s also far less expensive than traditional burial methods.

What is a tree urn?

A tree urn is very simple. It’s a way to transform your departed loved one’s ashes into a living memorial. In the case of a tree urn, that memorial is a tree that grows from the ashes after they’re planted.

The biodegradable urn holds the seed, planting medium, and the ashes. It keeps everything in place while the seed germinates and starts to grow. While nature takes over and the tree grows, the urn breaks down over time and becomes part of the earth, bringing your loved one’s remains along with it.

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The material that makes up a tree urn breaks down to provide proper germination of the seeds inside. The ashes of your loved one will help to nourish the seeds over time. In a way, your loved one’s remains are transformed instead of simply interred.

Why choose a tree urn?

This natural burial method is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Most of the materials used in traditional caskets and burial methods do not break down over time. With a tree urn, there is no evidence of a burial site other than the memorial tree

A natural burial site can bring peace and serenity to those left behind. Cemeteries can feel rigid and unflinching with row upon row of cold stone markers. Strolling in the woods to reach your loved one’s memorial tree would be a warm, calming experience.

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Make the process of grieving and remembrance one that can be shared with more than just your immediate family. By creating a living memorial in nature, many people can visit to pay their respects. If your departed loved one had a favorite park or walking trail, see if you would be allowed to plant your tree urn there.

Which tree urn should I choose?

An industry leader in the natural burial space is a company called Bios. Their biodegradable urns are very well-reviewed and come with seeds to grow a pine tree. Pine trees grow quickly so you won’t have to wait decades to sit in the shade beneath your memorial tree.

The Bios Urn company was started by two brothers. They wanted to create a sustainable solution to the final phase of human life. Their goal is to change the way people see death. The Bios Urn was created to change the perception of death from finality into transition.

How does the Bios Urn work?

The Bios Urn Memorial Funeral Cremation Urn for Humans is incredibly simple to use. Place the ashes in the lower compartment and then seal it with the upper compartment on top. Mix the plant starting components that come with the urn in the upper compartment. Plant the seed or seedling in the upper compartment and let nature start to take its course.

You will then bury the urn. Not completely, but up to just below the opening of the upper compartment. This is so the planting medium where the seed sits is exposed to sun and rain. The urn is larger than you’d think from looking at a picture of it, 6″ x 6″ x 15.5″. It might take a little time to prep a hole 15-16″ deep and 6″ wide. Be sure to plan according before your ceremony.

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This tree urn comes with seeds for a pine tree, but you can add any seed to it that you like. You can also plant an already-started seedling tree as well. You could even grow a seedling tree from a cutting of another loved one’s memorial tree. There is no one way to create your living memorial. The possibilities are endless for an outcome that will be deeply personal and unique.

Where can I get the Bios Urn?

You can get a Bios Memorial Funeral Cremation Urn for Humans on Amazon with free shipping from Prime. The Bios urn is large enough to hold the remains of an average human. You can also get several urns and spread the ashes out among them. This way, siblings could each have their own memorial tree from a parent.

In fact, you can even use the Bios urn with old ashes from a long-departed loved one. Instead of having them on the mantle for eternity, release those remains back into nature by planting them in a tree urn. The brothers behind Bios have the right idea; in a sense, you really can bring your loved one back to life through nature.

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